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Peace for Today and Hope for Tomorrow

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Do your emotions feel overwhelming? Has anxiety or fear gripped your heart? Does daily life feel exhausting? Or do you crave better connections in your relationships? Cyndie Claypool de Neve, LMFT (#138446), is a mental health therapist who wants to help you, your child and/or your family be the best version of yourselves. Cyndie comes from an empathetic, strength-based approach, weaving in personality insights and personalized coping skills to help increase a sense of peace and clarity, as she gently looks at past hurts and trauma to bring healing to the present and hope to the future. Therapy modalities used include Family Systems, DBT, CBT, Motivational Interviewing, and Emotion-Focused Individual Therapy, depending on the client’s needs.

Articles ...
CLICK HERE to read Cyndie's articles on mental health written for California Christian Counseling.

Fields of Expertise ...
Anxiety/Panic Attacks  |  Depression  |  Trauma  |  Grief  |  Parenting & Family Dynamics  |  Spiritual Direction  |  Anger Management  |  Feelings of Low Self-Worth  |  Personality Types  |  Communication Skills  |  Addiction  |  Setting Boundaries/Co-Dependency  |  God-Confidence |  Faith-based  |  Life Transitions |

Clients ...
Cyndie is a Certified Complex Trauma Professional, and has experience working with children, teens, moms, families, couples, individuals, and people in recovery. Licensed in California, she sees clients in her quiet office in Carlsbad as well as via telehealth. Click here for more information.

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